About CCC

We at The Cancer Center are dedicated to providing you with state-of-the-art cancer care and treatment of blood disorders. We offer a full compliment of patient care services, which include emotional and social support groups, health psychology, patient education and alternative treatment solutions. Call today to speak to one of our available expert physicians.

As a Comprehensive Community Cancer Center, our services are first and foremost patient-centered. Services will be provided through an interdisciplinary team of professionals, which is primarily interested in collaborating for effective cancer management.

Education and clinical research will be used to ensure that comprehensive cancer care is accessible, leading edge and cost effective. The concept of Comprehensiveness embraces the fact that people experience physical, psychosocial and spiritual issues when coping with an illness like cancer.

Cancer is a complex disease that requires treatment on many levels. The Huntsville Center for Cancer Care is committed to supporting patients through all aspects of their care. Social workers offer counseling and resource direction to patients and their families, while the Center’s dietitian offers advice for improving nutrition and increasing calories for those undergoing cancer therapy. And a full oncology rehabilitation program offers patients the extra support needed to make the transition back to home life.

The cornerstone of The Center For Cancer Care is our staff. All employees have been selected because of their commitment to caring for and serving the patient. Experienced oncology nurses oversee patient care while skilled radiation technologists assist patients during treatment. Our oncology counselor helps patients and their families with the emotional issues that come with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Our business office staff helps patients with insurance and other financial concerns. Funds are available through the Jeanne Shepherd Foundation and the American Cancer Society’s Transportation Grant to assist those with financial need. Every effort has been made to surround our patients with a compassionate and supportive staff.

In order to alleviate some of the fear and stress of cancer treatment, we designed our offices for warmth and comfort. Our rooms are spacious, with the look and feel of home, not a traditional medical facility.

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