Your first day will be a film day and treatment is not usually given on this day. You will be placed in treatment position and x-rays are taken to ensure that everything lines up correctly according to your Radiation Oncologist prescription. Your Radiation Therapist will talk with you and coordinate an appointment schedule that best fits your needs. Typically radiation therapy is given daily Monday-Friday, but your Radiation Oncologist will determine your specific needs. Radiation therapy is the use of high dose x-ray, directed toward the tumor or area to be treated. A linear accelerator is used to deliver the radiation therapy. The length of time that it takes for a treatment to be given is patient specific, but typically takes 10-20 minutes. The radiation therapy treatment is not painful and you will not feel or smell the treatment. However, there can be side effects from radiation therapy. Your doctor will discuss these with you before your treatment. A section on side effects is covered later in this brochure.

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